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Phosphorus (and organic nitrogen) Recovery system (PR)

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Cow Power - The Film

Cow Power - The Film presented by DVO, Inc.

CAN digesters can make sense for SMALLER dairies? An innovative program in Vermont paves the way for over a dozen digesters at farms that each milk less than 800 cows...
Cow Power is a documentary about a power utility's highly effective and voluntary opt-in effort, supported by Vermont citizens and local businesses, that both helps farmers and turns cow manure into renewable energy.

Beyond Waste Management

Turning Cow Poop Into Energy

Florida Dairy turns Cow Manure into Electricity

Biogas to CNG / Renewable Transportation Fuels

See more details and the grand opening of this system, here.

Farm Power

CVPS (Vermont Utility) Cow Power Program

Beef Cattle Feedlot + Digester: Suwannee Farms