On-Farm Renewable Natural Gas Facility Expands
with DVO Technology

CHILTON, Wisconsin – One of the world’s largest on-farm biodigesters was recently unveiled in a public ribbon cutting, and DVO technology powers the heart of the facility. The site in Reynolds, Indiana, is operated by BioTown BioGas LLC.
“We are proud to have partnered with BioTown BioGas and that they keep turning to DVO as their waste stream grows,” said Steve Dvorak, president and founder of DVO. “We were chosen for this installation because our digesters handle multiple waste streams, we can scale to meet large volumes, and we can generate multiple forms of renewable power.”... MORE

38,000 Indiana Dairy Cows Are Making “Good Gas”…While Reducing OUR Carbon Footprint

CHILTON, Wisconsin – DVO, Inc. recently announced the commissioning of their newest “Two-Stage Linear Vortex™” digester at Prairies Edge Dairy Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana – replacing the prominent dairy’s outdated CSTR/complete-mix digester, and combining its biogas with the original DVO digester installed in 2008.
The new digester adds 30% capacity to Amp Americas - Renewable Dairy Fuels' (RDF) original Fair Oaks CNG installation – already noted for achieving the lowest “carbon intensity” (CI) score to-date for an operating dairy biogas-to-CNG installation by the California Air Resources Board. A good CI score is crucial in determining the value of the credits created for the California LCFS program, aimed at reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuels.... MORE

EMPOWER your DVO digester investment – recover valuable nutrients & economically clean your digestate

CHILTON, Wisconsin – With its "guaranteed retention time" your DVO digester already does an excellent job anaerobically processing organic waste(s). Did you know that you now have additional new treatment options that follow your digester? DVO's Phosphorus Recovery System (PR) economically removes most of your phosphorus – and nearly 100% of your remaining organic nitrogen – from your digestate... MORE -- or see this VIDEO.

DVO Commissions Its First Digester Installation in Pennsylvania

CHILTON, Wisconsin – Installation and construction are complete on a DVO Inc. anaerobic digester at Ar-Joy Farm, a dairy farm inCochranville, Pennsylvania. This is DVO’s first installation in Pennsylvania, bringing the number of states with a DVO digester to 19. Its patented digester system has also been constructed in six foreign countries.
“We are honored to be working with Marilyn and Duane Hershey (owners of Ar-Joy), a couple long admired in their community and acclaimed in the dairy industry for their advocacy and leadership,” said Steve Dvorak, President of DVO. “We know they are dedicated to environmental sustainability and are proud they chose to implement DVO’s digester technology...”MORE

Advanced Phosphorus Recovery System (75-95%) Announced

CHILTON, WI — DVO, Inc., a leader in the environmental engineering industry and North America’s largest provider of anaerobic digesters, has introduced a simple and practical solution that removes 75 to 95 percent of phosphorus from anaerobically-digested wastes.
DVO has successfully commissioned this system for a large dairy farm in the Northwest. A commercial mixed-waste anaerobic digestion facility in Indiana, as well as a dedicated poultry litter digester in Ohio also have installed this system at full-scale... MORE

Alliance Dairies Receives Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability Honorable Mention

Alliances Dairies was recently awarded an Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability Honorable Mention at the 2015 U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards for commitment to excellence in sustainability. Each year, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy® recognizes outstanding dairy farms, businesses and partnerships for practices that not only focus on the environment, but also promote the health and well-being of communities at large.... MORE

Storms Farm wins American Council of Engineering award

The Storms Farm anaerobic digester installation, “Swine Farm Biogas Renewable Energy Project,” earned a National Recognition Award as part of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) 2015 Engineering Excellence Awards Gala Tuesday evening in Washington, DC. The National Recognition Award is a prestigious distinction honoring projects that demonstrate exceptional achievement in engineering... MORE

Modern California digester launched by Calgren, DVO & Regenis

Sustainable energy production entered a new era in California today as a consortium of American companies joined together with state energy officials to launch the Calgren Ethanol Biodigester, which utilizes waste from dairy farms to power the production of tens of millions of gallons of ethanol, all consumed in the Central Valley. The Two-Stage Mixed Plug Flow Digester™ designed by DVO, Inc. of Wisconsin and built by Regenis. It is the first California digester to use agricultural waste to create renewable natural gas to power another renewable energy facility, creating a step forward in a virtuous, zero waste lifecycle... MORE

DVO Inc. Announces First Anaerobic Digester Installation in California

CHILTON, Wisconsin – Installation and construction is nearly complete on a DVO Inc. anaerobic digester scheduled to open at Calgren Renewable Fuels on September 30, 2014 in Pixley, California. This is DVO’s first installation in California, and the state’s only next-generation anaerobic digester. The DVO anaerobic digester, built by Andgar [now Regenis] of Ferndale, Washington, is designed to hold approximately 1,400,000 gallons of manure and organic waste... MORE -- or take a VIRTUAL TOUR.

Nation’s largest anaerobic digestion firm endorses biogas opportunities roadmap

DVO, Inc., the nation’s largest designer of anaerobic digestion systems, announced its support for the Biogas Opportunities Roadmap, a report issued earlier this month by the U.S. Departments of Agriculture (USDA), Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. “We are encouraged by the very existence of this Roadmap,” said Steve Dvorak, president of DVO... ROADMAP FACT SHEET