Digester Launches in Tulare County, California

In February, during the World Ag Expo, DVO launched its first digester installation in California. The digester is located at Calgren Renewable Fuels, an ethanol plant in Tulare County, and was built by our partner, Regenis.

Not only is this our first digester in the state, but it is also California’s first digester to use agricultural waste to create renewable natural gas to power a renewable energy facility.

The San Joaquin Valley, where the digester is located, is challenged with some of the country’s worst air pollution. Each year, California is forced to import over 90 percent of its natural gas, costing the state thousands of jobs and billions of dollars.

The DVO digester at Calgren is unique because it is permitted to use all feedstocks, including municipal green waste and food processing waste, which in return, helps California meet stated clean air, petroleum reduction and climate goals.

Each day, the digester at Calgren takes in 1,400,000 gallons of manure and organic waste from a local dairy farm, Four J Farms. The digester also greatly reduces bacteria and pathogens so the dairy farmers can safely reuse the liquid byproduct on their crops, savings millions of gallons of water and protecting valuable watersheds.

The Tulare County digester is a great example of how we are continually taking steps towards a sustainable, zero waste lifecycle.