"Putting it all to work"

Biogas to Electricity

Methane is collected from the two stages of the AD vessel and utilized for fuel in combined heat and power (CHP) gensets. Typically power is sold at a higher rate than purchased, and much more is produced than consumed.


DVO digesters provide a superior animal bedding material, high "P" transportable/saleable fertilizers, soil aeration and peat-moss amendments.

Liquid Nutrients

The digestion process not only preserves the nutrient value in the manure, it also removes the odor, kills most pathogens (including E-Coli) and changes the state of the nutrients so they can be applied to a growing crop.

Heat Energy

30-60% of the heat generated is used by the AD system. The remaining energy can be used as a replacement for hot water production (reducing natural gas or propane consumption), biosolids drying, in-floor heating of facilities, etc.

Nitrogen Recovery

DVO's Nitrogen Recovery process captures the nitrogen ammonia that is otherwise lost, and places it in the form of a stable commercial fertilizer – creating another revenue source (or operating cost offset) for the digester.

Phosphorus, Condensed

Up to 90% of phosphorus can be economically captured, in a form that is more economical to transport to land that needs it.

Biofuels – bioCNG

Biogas can now be economically cleaned, purified and pressurized to fuel semi-trucks, construction equipment, commercial fleets, farm vehicles etc.

Water Recycle/Re-Use

Water is increasingly a scarce and valuable resource. Options are available to not only sequester nutrients, but return process water to a reusable condition.