• Commercial-Industrial

    Diverting Food Wastes from Landfills

    Specializing in food & food production wastes / Urban organics from MSW / High-strength and Mixed wastes processing...

  • Scalable

    Anaerobic Digesters

    From smaller operations,
    to the world's largest commercial
    & agricultural facilities.

  • Poultry

    Hog, Poultry
    & Dairy Farms

    Maximize nutrient management, odor and pathogen destruction (including e-coli and salmonella).

  • Phosphorus & Nitrogen Recovery

    Phosphorus & Nitrogen Recovery

    Safe re-use of plant-ready fertilizers, where they are really needed.

  • Wastewater Treatment

    Wastewater Treatment

    Custom solutions to protect and conserve our natural freshwater resources.

  • Renewable Power

    Renewable Power Generation

    Electricity, CNG/RNG, steam for industrial processes, etc.

  • BioCNG


    Offset diesel fuel costs when
    used as a transportation fuel.

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North America’s largest biogas company puts renewables to work. For example: Our patented "Two-Stage Linear VortexTM" digesters process more industrial and farm wastes globally than any other company, or design.

Largely due to unparalleled performance: DVO's anaerobic digester (AD) systems greatly reduce odors, are cost-effective, scalable, operate automatically and require low maintenance. It is the ONLY digester that enjoys "Recognized" status by the independent agency Newtrient, LLC (click HERE for their evaluation).
DVO is the U.S. market leader for AD and environmental engineering, providing reliable, proven solutions and services to industry and agriculture for over 28 years.

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